/A0txUn9cpfgLzwiiNentjkHGOw.jpgGuy Marchand (born 22 May 1937) is a French actor, musician and singer. He is best known for his role as the main character in the French police procedural series Nestor Burma.
Selected filmography
1962: The Longest Day as an extra (Uncredited)
1975: Cousin Cousine, directed by Jean-Charles Tacchella: Pascal
1978: Holiday Hotel, directed by Michel Lang: Hubert Delambre
1979: Le Maître-nageur, directed by Jean-Louis Trintignant: Marcel Potier
1980: Loulou, directed by Maurice Pialat: André
1981: Garde à Vue, directed by Claude Miller: Inspecteur Marcel Belmont
1981: Coup de Torchon, directed by Bertrand Tavernier: Marcel Chavasson
1982: Les Sous-doués en vacances, directed by Claude Zidi: Paul Memphis
1983: Deadly Circuit, directed by Claude Miller: The pale man
1983: Entre Nous, directed by Diane Kurys: Michel
1983: Der Mann von Suez [de] (TV miniseries), directed by Christian-Jaque: Ferdinand de Lesseps
1984: P’tit Con, directed by Gérard Lauzier: Bob Choupon
1985: Hold-Up, directed by Alexandre Arcady: Georges
1986: Conseil de famille, directed by Costa-Gavras: Maximilien Faucon
1987: L’été en pente douce, directed by Gérard Krawczyk: Andre Voke
1987: Charlie Dingo [fr], directed by Gilles Béhat [fr]: Charlie Dingo
1987: Noyade interdite [fr], directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre: Inspecteur Leroyer
1989: Try This One for Size, directed by Guy Hamilton: Ottavioni
1989: Les Maris, les Femmes, les Amants, directed by Pascal Thomas: Bruno
1990: My New Partner II, directed by Claude Zidi: Guy Brisson
1991-2003: Nestor Burma [fr] (TV series): Nestor Burma
1991: May Wine (TV movie), directed by Carol Wiseman: Dr. Paul Charmant
1996: Beaumarchais, directed by Édouard Molinaro: Court Member
1996: The Best Job in the World, directed by Gérard Lauzier: Gauthier
2002: Ma femme s’appelle Maurice, directed by Jean-Marie Poiré: Charles Boisdain
2006: Dans Paris, directed by Christophe Honoré: Mirko
2006: Paid, directed by Laurence Lamers: Giuseppe
2007: Après lui [fr], directed by Gaël Morel: François
2008: Passe-passe, directed by Tonie Marshall: Pierre Delage, the Minister
2010: L’Arbre et la forêt, directed by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau: Frédérick
2014: L’Art de la fugue, directed by Brice Cauvin: Francis
2014: The Dune, directed by Yossi Aviram: Paolo
2015: Paris-Willouby, directed by Arthur Delaire and Quentin Reynaud: Police officer 1
2017: Just to Be Sure directed by Carine Tardieu: The father
2017: Szerelem tesztelve – Ôtez-moi d’un doute
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